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10:48 PM

To Do: our new home

-2nd coat on trim, living room ✔
-2nd coat on trim, dining room ✔
-2nd coat on trim, guest room ✔
-trim and pain closest doors ✔
-finish windows ✔
-baseboards ✔
-pull tarps ✔

-Home depot ✔

What's left (pre-move in):
-Deep clean
-Install all door knobs
-Replace faceplates for outlets
-Clean light fixtures
-Finish installing vanity/sink
-Hang towel bars (bathroom)
-Touch-up paint

After move-in projects:
-Paint kitchen!
-Replace front and back door knobs and locks
-Get locking screen door for front
-Plant a garden
-Dog proof gates!
-Find thrifted deck furniture
-Build storage shed for bikes
-Find room partition/old closest doors to hide water heater

I am hoping to move the "paint kitchen project" up to the what's left: pre-move in section on this list, but we will see. If time avails.

As you can see, it is coming along!! For the first time yet our home-to-be looks like it could actually be a home and no longer a construction site, or dumpy place. Woo hoo! It is exciting to see all our hard work come together. Who would have known what a little (okay, well a lot) of paint and a whole lot of clorox could do! ;)

If all goes well Friday will be the big move in day. At this point, much is accomplished, much is to do. I am no longer feeling overwhelmed now, at least not at that momment, with the big things taken care of.

I am continuing to learn so much through this process. The Lord is good! He is totally growing me through this. This "project" has been a blessing in disguise, no doubt.

Sneak peak:

(Look who managed to sneak into the picture. Jokester hubs. His goofy self seriously keeps me sane in times like these.)

<3 Mal

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