Homemade Granola Bars

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Happy Sunday to you!

My blog shares are not as consistent as I would like. My apologies there. Part of it has just been me, feeling rather unmotivated at times lately, and partly, I have just been plain old busy, but this week I have some extra time off. I think think time off may be just what I need to re-motivate a bit. I haven't felt like doing a whole lot of baking, cooking, or crafting. Weird huh? Anyhow, I will share a recipe with you now and hopefully a couple more later in the week.

I baked up these bars last week. They were my first attempt at granola bars. Oh my goodness, fresh out of the oven they were so good! The perfect mix of crispy and chewy, however, after they cooled they were more just chewy. I think I was a little impatient taking them out of the oven...a few more minutes and they would have stayed crisp and chewy. Oh well, next time. Will and I still ate up the whole batch.

Today would be the perfect day to make up another batch..perhaps I will. It is a cold and blustery day here. Bits of sun, bits of rain, even a little hail. It is one of those days where the weather just won't make up it's mind. The perfect day to cozy up inside and pop something in the oven. :)

These granola bars are a tasty treat and they make the house smell like the holidays! I would advise you to do as Maria says, double the batch. They won't last long around the house!

Head on over to Maria's blog for the recipe.

I must bake from her blog at least 2-3 times a week. I am not even exactly sure how I came across it. None the less, she is my go-to blog for recipes. All her recipes are sooo good and super easy to follow. And how exciting...her and her hubby are expecting a third little pea to join their family in a few months!!

Until next time.
♥ Mallorie

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