Double Duty Decorating:Tea cup bird feeder

11:14 AM

Now to get this double duty decorating feature up and running, first up a tea cup bird feeder. And it is just that, a cute little teacup and saucer (thrifted for $1.25), piled high with bird seed. I chose to place mine on our front porch. It only took the little birdies a couple days to find the seed. I love coming home to a fat little bird sitting in the entire cup, eating away.

As you will find, most of these double duty decorating ideas will be just that easy. These posts are mostly about finding items you already have or can easily and cheaply obtain, and using your imagination a little to re-purpose them. Re-purposing brings new life to old objects, which might otherwise never leave your cupboard again. ;)

Maybe it is that old vase from Grandma that is just too cute, but that you are tired of seeing flowers in, or it never quite fits the right amount of flowers in, or perhaps it is merely sentimental and actually kind of ugly.

Or perhaps it's that 3rd set of wine glasses you got for a wedding gift, which you will never use, but never returned either. We all have these things tucked away somewhere.

Let's dust off those old items and (finally) put them to use.

I find it fun and easy, and it adds a cute uniqueness to your abode. Some projects will require some change, many will not.

For another idea check out my post on making your own picture frame dry erase board. It can be found here.

Until next time,

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  1. This is so cute Mal! Love this idea for a feature!



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