It's all about family.

11:22 AM

Well, we are back. We had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday in Oregon. We were blessed big time by family. Though it was a quick trip, it was a busy one. We celebrated Thanksgiving, a birthday, went wine tasting (who would have known, in Oregon?), watched a few football games, enjoyed a couple nice dinners out, and even managed to come home with 4 brand new tires, wipers, air filter, break pads and a spic and span car, fully serviced! Thanks Uncle! What a blessing that was! I don't know about you, but car "stuff" seems to fall just about dead last around here. It's expensive, and well if it runs, and gets you to and from it's all right, right? I know, not the best outlook, but that's kind how it goes. Anyhow, we had an absolutely lovely Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you did too. Nothing beats being around family.

Here are a few snapshots from our trip. These fine photos are complimentary of my cell phone. ;) Perhaps one day I'll take photos with a real camera.

(A little wine tasting)

(Sister, sister)

(Winter is arriving)

(What to do when you're not tasting? Hubs and I cozied up by the fire and enjoyed games at one of the chalk board tables at an Oregon winery. Talk about great idea! And family friendly too.)

(One of the best places to be, Grandma and Grandpa's)

(Oregon sky, we'll see you soon)

Until next time.

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