Holiday Recipe Countdown: Whole Wheat Chocolate Brown Sugar Cookies

9:52 AM

Don't turn you nose up just yet! Chocolate sugar cookies? That's right, really, does it get better? And after all those fluffy, white, floury treats I know you've been indulging on or plan to indulge on in just a couple short days, a little whole wheat flour will be a welcomed change in your diet. :)

I know these are cut out in hearts, but do your own thing. Cut out reindeer, stockings, Santas…whatever you have up your sleeve. Or tuck this recipe away until Valentine's Day and bring it out then. 

Whatever you do, just don't forget to enjoy. Bring on the holiday cheer.

Without further ado, Whole Wheat Chocolate Brown Sugar Cookies from Joy The Baker.

(Photo courtesy of Joy The Baker)

Come tomorrow, we will take a short break on our Recipe Countdown. Perhaps it'll give you some time to catch up on all these delicious goodies.

Until then,

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