::Bump Watch::

9:11 PM

And here is where the mommy blog comes into play. All those baby bump photos I know you are *dying* to see ;) you knew they would come sooner or later right? I must admit, I love my growing bump. With any luck we just may know if we are having a baby girl Cooper or a baby boy Cooper by this Friday. I am so excited! This should catch us up.

 {Week 10}
{Week 11}

{Week 11, just a wee bump}

{12 weeks! Goodbye first trimester! Christmas on Oahu.}

{13 weeks}

{14 weeks, it's growing!}

{and finally…15 weeks}

{birthday bump!}

Which brings us to this week at 16 lovely weeks along in our journey. Tune back in next week for another bump watch photo. And possibly some very exciting boy/girl news! Any guesses?

We love you little Cooper!!


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  1. I'm going to throw a guess out there and say that it's a girl.



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