Gender News!! {Mommy Blog}

11:38 PM

Well ladies and gents, we have some gender news to share as well as some amazing 3D shots of our little one!! I will upload those later. Back to our news.

…it's a BOY! 

Yes, our sweet little Holland has made his gender well known. He is very boy indeed! I swear he is going to look just like my husband, no complaints there ;) I am almost positive he has his mouth and forehead (it's pretty distinct). 

I must say, I am still a bit surprised. I was pretty darn sure we were having a girl, so much for those motherly instincts! However, I can't wait to meet our Holland.

William Holland Cooper, after his daddy.

And folks, I am officially outnumbered in our house hold. My husband, this little guy, and our Kolohe (yes, I am counting our puggle in our boy/girl ratio). 

I had so much fun announcing the news to our family tonight. I was going to wait until tomorrow, but I was just too excited. I spent the evening driving around leaving single blue balloons at my parent's house, sister's and brother's. Their reactions were great!! We kept our 3D/4D ultrasound a surprise which made it even better.

Our little boy is so loved already. We truly are blessed. And...I'll admit it, like being the only girl in our home, at least for now.

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