Hello 22!

1:52 PM

Yesterday I welcomed in year 22 with friends and family. A wonderful day it was. We started the day off with a little birthday breakfast, then my husband took me off to do a little birthday shopping. :)  I found a couple lovely ceramic birdhouses for just $9 each! Only one of them made it outside, the other one is happily sitting on a little shelf in the living room. ;) It's just too cute to be out in the weather. I also was treated to a new blanket, finally I have one of those cute and snuggly ruffle blankets. All of which we found at T.J. Max. I love that place. If you have one near by, they have the cutest housewares. A good amount of the stuff reminds me of something Anthropologie might or occasionally does carry for a fraction of the price. How can you go wrong there? I also found myself a birthday dress to show off my birthday bump. Spoiled? Yes, I think so.
Will spent the afternoon at the rugby field, I in the kitchen. I finally got a little baking done! It'd been a while. I must say, I greatly enjoyed the time. Then for a house full of friends, nachos, games, and this delicious cake made by the lovely Grace Brodersen. Meyer Lemon Cake with Lavender Cream! I have been dreaming about it for months. You know those dishes or sweet treats you see that look to-die-for only you don't quite feel up to making it, if only someone else would…well that's how this was. And after much waiting, well I didn't have to make it. The perfect birthday treat. The perfect birthday day really. We live such a blessed life.

Thanks friends and family for making it a great one!

{aren't they fabulous?}


{birthday dress}

{last day at 15 weeks! grow baby, grow :)}

Until next time. 

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