::Bump Watch::

8:13 AM

Here we are, week 18 and 19! This week we had our 19 week ultrasound. Our baby looks perfect according to the doctor, and is very photogenic and cooperative when it comes to getting his photo and measurements taken. :) A good boy thus far. However, if he is anything like my husband, I think we may be in for it.

This week we also got to feel baby kick. I LOVE the feeling. He even put on a little show for his daddy kicking his hand and finger tips right away.

18 Weeks!

From the front I can still be tricky, but there is no denying the baby bump from the side anymore.
{and yes, it actually got warm enough in February to wear shorts, at least for a day!}

19 weeks! It's becoming more obvious from EVERY angle. ;)

And a 19 week profile.
Just a few more days and we are half way there!

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