Life as of lately {According to my cell phone photos}

8:24 PM

Well here is what life as of lately has looked like in the Cooper household. At least this past week that is. :)

Snuggles with the little man, who is cute as ever, as well as my husband (he's also as cute as ever might I say). I've had a little extra time off lately to spend with my boys. It has been fabulous.

I made these glorious chocolate mustache pops for a friend's baby shower.  So much fun, and super simple.

I found my molds at amazon for a couple bucks each. The tutorial for these wonderful chocolates can be found here.
I am certain I will make these again and again.
How perfect would they be for a certain little boys birthday?
As for the white tips, I just painted my molds with a layer of white chocolate using a thin paint brush before pouring in the dark chocolate. Easy peasy lemon squeezey.

This momma even got to do a little shopping late last week. My excuse? My dresses aren't fitting anymore, at least some of them that is. ;) And if you know me, dresses are all I wear…summer, winter, spring, and fall. In my book dresses are the way to go. I found this flowy dress at Forever 21 for 29 bucks. I am pretty positive it is my new favorite. With any luck, it will fit the rest of my pregnancy. Baby bump pro, a few new and necessary additions to your closet.

And here is Holland's bump shot. 21 weeks and counting! We now get to feel our little guy moving around in there all the time. I love it. We love it.  His "flutters" are turning into more of nudges and bumps. Let the fun begin! And he isn't shy either! He kicks his daddy's hand just about every night before we drift into sleep. 

I also found this amazing vintage clutch which I am STILL super excited about for $3. It is a Halston. I have been searching for a larger clutch for quite some time now. This one will most definitely do, especially with a price like that! If you ask me it's been a pretty great week all around. We are truly blessed my friends.

Oh yes, and food. Lot's of good food around here, like these delicious homemade pizzas. We gobbled them up last night. With a bit of unexpected time off from work lately (the kiddos I watch have been sick), I have been on top of my menu planning, grocery shopping, and meal prep. If you don't meal plan, you should.  You save money and trust me, your week will run way smoother, whether you are just feeding your husband and yourself or a housefly. All it takes is a few minutes, some pen and paper and a little creativity. We manage to get away with just 1 trip to the grocery store a week about 80% of the time! Be thorough. The time you spend checking your pantry will be saved when you don't have to return to the store for a second or third, even fourth time later that week.

That's all the photos I''ve got for now, but there is one more thing. I've got a yummy and super easy
chocolate cake recipe to share with you!  Hopefully I'll get that up tomorrow.  It is made in one bowl for quick making and quick clean up. Who says you can't have cake every day of the week?

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