Tummy talk.

2:39 PM

It's official. I have an outie. I have been in self denial the past couple days, but there is no denying it. I don't really mind it, I can just only imagine what it will be like a few months from now. Until now, I always thought that was something that happened at the end of your pregnancy. You know, towards the end your belly button sort of pops out as if saying "it's time!". As my dad calls it, it's "the turkey timer". The mark when a women is about to "pop". Well that's not the case here. Sorry to prove your "turkey timer" clock wrong Dad, but indeed it is.

I'll spare you the shot I see when I look down (at least for now). But I won't spare you these. ;)


Alright, the grocery shopping calls. Back to this day.

Until next time,
Mallorie (and Holland too) 

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  1. Hi! That's a purdy darn cute outie if you ask me! I "popped" early too! And for such a small little thing, it does manage to make itself very known by the end of the pregnancy. Everyone told me that it would go back. And everyone elses did. Except mine! LOL If I'm bloated, it still will pop out sometimes! But I didn't get stretch marks, so I guess its a trade off! :) Anyways, congrats and I'm hoping you are enjoying listening to the galloping heartbeat of baby Holland whenever you darn well please! ;) - Quinn's friend Kerri

  2. Hi Kerri,
    Yes we really are enjoying listening to the heartbeat whenever we please!! It is such a precious sound. Thank you so much for lending us the doppler! And the books as well!
    That's too funny about your belly button! I think I'd trade that opposed to stretch marks as well! My finger's are crossed!



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