4 years ago today...

12:47 PM

Four years ago today my hubby and I "officially" began dating. Silly Cooper chose St. Pat's day to be the day he asked me to be his girlfriend... so it'd be easy to remember. Little did he know, St. Pat's day soon became filled with romantic dates and chocolates opposed to green beer. ;) Who would have thought four years later we'd be awaiting the arrival of our first little boy, entering our second year of marriage. I can honestly say that with each passing day, I grow to love this man more than I ever could have imagined on that St. Pat's day night four years ago. I thank the Lord for sending me such a wonderful man to call my own.

I love you sweet pea! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day my friends!

4 years ago...

{Why I said yes to a man in those glasses is beyond me. }

Today…(insert photo here)...we are still working on that photo. This day sort of snuck up on us. ;) You'll have to check back.

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