Bump Watch: Week 22 {I'm a little behind}

12:47 PM

Here are a couple 22 week bump shots. We are now well into week 23. Woo hoo! I have been feeling great, a little tired, but hey, there's a baby growing inside there. I'm sure my body is working hard.

Thankfully, my bump growth has seemed to slow down, at least this last week. I think my tummy sort of "popped" early on and now it is mellowing out a little. Good thing! I was wondering how my body was going to possibly keep up at that growth rate! That'd be a lot of stretching!

Baby is doing fabulous. I am just starting to pick up on his sleep schedule, which has been fun. I love getting to know this little guy!

{Do I match? Mmm, maybe, but it was comfortable and kept me cool during one of our very warm spring days. Back to the rain now..}

Week 22

Also, I still don't think I've felt a real good kick or punch yet. I thought I may have this morning..it sort of felt like a knee, definitely a jolt, but it was much higher up than usual so I'm a little unsure to say if it is so just yet. For now I will enjoy the last of the sweet flutters. ;)

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