Life as of late {according to my cell phone pictures}

2:20 PM

Crafting. I've finished stitching up the d.i.y. onesies lovely friends decorated at Holland's shower.

Simple lunches like this one. (Pictured: Trader Joes European Style bread, melted rbi, yellow tomatoes and fresh spinach)

Farkle with friends.

Lots of walks with this guy.

A couple purchases of irresistible baby items. Now I need to focus on what we actually need.

A belly that just keeps on growing.

Packing for our little guy and his hospital stay.

Study dates with Mr. Cooper. Praise the Lord finals are over!

A little d.i.y. launder detergent/fabric softener project. (No one near us carries washing soda so I substituted soda ash, found at a local pool supply store, which may be a little less economical but works great).

Carpet cleaning!! Hurray for a clean house!

Strawberry shortcake from My Cakies for Memorial Day.

And again, a belly that keeps growing and growing, and growing...

New resteraunts. Give Umami Burger a try! Not bad, my "burger" was just a tad salty for me.

Cross stitch!

Spiffed up plain onuses with Rit dye and buttons.

A birthday celebration for Mr. Cooper with this decadent Peanut Butter Oreo Ice Cream Pieand a side of Nutter Butters. His request. My husband is now a 26 year old!

And sushi and a movie in bed to top it off.

Plus, a day in the city.

And a walk in the park.

Oh yes, and homemade healthy popsicles.

Life is good my friends.

A few things not pictured:
Will went to San Diego and then Colorado for the rugby national championship game! Unfortunately, our team lost, but he played well and we are officially 4th in the nation which isn't too shabby if you ask me.

Week 35 of this pregnancy is now among us. I cannot wait to see our little booger via ultrasound next week. I haven't seen him since 19 weeks!! And while we are on the topic, Holland has officially dropped. Yes, my bladder feels it.

My days nights of sleep are over. Restful nights are long gone. I now wake every few hours and toss and turn. This guy must be preparing me for late night feedings.

How have your weeks been filled?

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