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I went on vacation and apparently my blog went on hiatus too. This wasn't intentional, but friends, family, and sunshine won. In fact, we hardly used our computers at all (with the exception of a little hulu, and photo uploads). It was a nice, and I think much needed break. Sometimes, I really think technology rules, or at least it can in my life. I totally have to keep it in check.

But we are back now and I have a gazillion (ok, maybe not quite, but a whole lot) of photos to share. We had a fabulous time visiting friends and family, a couple beach days, and a WHOLE lot of good food. Basically, we ate the entire time. It's a good thing we didn't stay much longer. ;)

During down time, my husband was a good sport and helped me explore the island he grew up on a little bit more. After all, if it this place could be a future home for us, I've got to know what's there, right? Plus, baby basically only napped in the car, so once he fell asleep we didn't dare move him or stop.

But we are home now, getting back into regular naps and BABY PROOFING. Our little man unintentionally gained a whole lot of confidence in his standing capabilities from a few narrow holes we dug him at the beach to play in. And now he thinks he is a pro. He is not. I think sitting or standing in a sandy, wet hole was hands down his favorite part of the trip. Meeting his great grandparents, and grandmother was pretty cool too though.

The plane ride wasn't terrible either. Holland's take on in-flight entertainment was to make friends with the flight attendants. Smart man. He hung out with them a good hour on each flight, with us close by. We didn't mind a bit and neither did they. He even found 15-month old twins to say hello to.

Anyhow, I'll be back soon with photos to share and some regular posts, but tonight I am eating ice cream and going to bed early.

So long!

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