Oahu. Part 1.

10:11 PM

Now that we've been back about a week and a half (I don't know how that happened), I figured I'd share the first part of our photos with you. Mostly, we ate, but we also spent time visiting with friends and family, explored towns and neighborhoods around the island, did just a tad bit of shopping, and had a couple beach days. Tough life, right? We are blessed. Oh, and we snuck out for TWO dates nights, in a row. Our first real date or should I say dates out since baby was born…eight and a half months ago. Again, how'd that happen? Like worried new parents, we stayed close and only stayed out until ten. Funny how things change. And you know what, baby just slept, his grandpa close by. He didn't even know we were gone. All in all, I think my favorite evening of the whole trip was our family beach walk. We stopped in at a local coffee shop where it was open mike night, grabbed a couple lattes to go and headed to the beach. We front packed baby and walked two miles along the shore as the sun went down, just talking and walking, saying hello to passer-bys and snapping a few photos. It was heavenly. I love my little family so much. We gazed at gorgeous beach front homes and dreamed a little too.

We are lucky to have family where we do, lucky to be able to visit. And who knows, perhaps one day we will be there too.

Oh and funny thing, I have since learned, though my husband spent eighteen years on this island, and one would think he might know it like the back of his hand, that is so far from true! As we explored, I basically discovered, if it is out of Kailua, he basically didn't know it, or know it well. And I thought I didn't travel as a child! At least it left much to explore, and we didn't even make it to the North Shore this trip. Or the zoo! We still have to do that. It actually amazes me how much there is on this so-called "rock". I think we could spent years exploring this one island and not grow bored.

We also discovered Holland loves holes. We thought the beach might be hard with an eight month old. Think again. All we had to do was dig a hole and he was set. He ate in the hole, played in that hole, he might have *accidently* even pooped in that hole : / He drew attention from a whole lot of tourists too. A few even asked if they could take his snapshot, so…Holland, you may be in more than one persons vacation photos. ;)

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