Meals! Week 14

7:21 PM

Hey, it's not Sunday yet, which means the week isn't over just yet. So with that said, here is what we ate and will eat this week. ;)

Monday: Egg fried rice and short ribs
Tuesday: Left-overs
Wednesday: Brinner birthday party! Serisouly, best idea ever!
Thursday: Ginger fried rice Peanut butter and honey sandwiches (sometimes it just sounds good, especially toasted on fresh sourdough)
Friday: Miso mushroom soup
Saturday: Ginger soy salmon and rice
Sunday: Eat out 

Nothing super exciting, the impromptu peanut butter and honey sandwiches were probably the highlight. At least for me, I think the short ribs were a close second for hubs. Sometimes easy dinner nights are the best. And come dinner time, I've been all about that. Between the excitement of crawling, standing, and new teeth popping through left and right, our little rascal hasn't had the most restful nights lately. I know it'll pass soon enough and well, while it's here, I don't really mind those extra night time snuggles.

Happy Saturday friends!

**If you're wondering, we've made the ginger fried rice before and it is absolutely amazing. Follow the recipe as listed and you get a rather put together looking dish or make it all in one pan and it still tastes pretty fabulous. I cooked ours off tonight and we will eat it through the week ahead for lunch.

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