Photos from San Francisco and my how he's grown!

7:50 PM

Today this little munchkin started the morning off washing dishes with me, as in he stood on his own stool and scrubbed away with his own wash cloth. Tonight he ended the day eating dinner with me at the table in his own chair. No highchair, no booster. His own chair, just like mine, with his own plate, cup, and fork. He insisted. I hesitated. But you know what? He knew and he was fully capable. And if it wasn't for his adamant attitude there is no way I would have done so. So thanks Holland for showing your mamma just how grown you've become.

Surreal? Big time. He blows me away with how big he has become SO fast. I can't deny we've entered the toddler years. Infancy was sweet, cherished, and gone in a blink, but how sweet what lies ahead will be. Being a mom is hands down the best "job" I've ever had.

And because posts are so much better with pictures, here's a few from Thursday. We were able to spend some much needed family time together in beautiful Golden Gate park where we enjoyed a walk, hand in hand with our cutie and a whole lot of fun at the Academy of Science. I know we'll be back soon. It's quickly becoming one of Holland's favorite places and ours too! And lucky for him we have an entire years pass thanks to a very dear to us and generous family. We love you guys.

In the Children's Eel Garden, his favorite little nook at the Academy of Science ^^

My hair needs some attention I know :/ but he's cute!

Run, run, run!

Dancing in the street sidewalk.

Dog sighting ^

Heart throbs!

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