The boy wears blue.

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Last Friday my mamma packed up some food and we headed out to make a trip to the firehouse to pay my dad a visit. At the end of a 96-hour shift we were warmly welcomed, especially with dinner in hand. Grandpa introduced Holland to all his fun toys like the firetrucks and rescue boat. ;) Holland soaked it up. He loved just about all of it. He's been to the station before but this was the first time he really got to check things out. Fourteen months has been a blast thus far…so much excitement, curiosity, joy. Of course there are the challenges too, but overall I am really loving it. Grandpa gave Holland the grand tour. Upstairs. Downstairs. Firetrucks. Lights. Horns. Buttons. Right up Holland's any toddler's alley.

After all the excitement downstairs, we headed upstairs to the living quarters so our boy could see where Grandpa slept on-duty. We even got to enjoy dinner together, firehouse style. Does it get a whole lot better? There are definitely perks to having a firefighter dad. I have memories of dinner at the firehouse, even holiday's spent there. I always loved it. It is sweet to pass along some of these memories to our little guy now, and make new ones. I'm pretty sure Grandpa like it too. 

And at the end of all this, Holland was presented with his very own blue to wear. It was pretty stinking cute to see him with all the firemen fitting right in with his very own blue shirt to wear. And he wore it proudly.

Sweet, sweet memories in the making. Thanks for the grand tour Grandpa! And everyone else for putting up with a toddler in the house. ;)

Yes, they really do have that many controllers. Holland was in utter awe. All those buttons just lined up and waiting. ^

Holland, this is Grandpa. Over.

Holland, do you copy?

That little device tracks inferred heat and costs thousands of dollars but that didn't stop Grandpa from showing it off ^^

The screen sort of reminds me of something you'd see on ghost busters ;)

Melt me ^^^

I see you buddy ^^

Dressed to impress back upstairs ^^

And…not Holland's finest picture, but proof of his blue just like the real firemen :)
Thanks again guys!

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