Last Wednesday

8:56 PM

Last Wednesday we snapped a few shots and basked in the glory of how awesome our son is. Motherhood is only getting better. More challenging? Yes. But SO rewarding. I mean look at that smile. He melts me.

And guess what? I feel normal again. Actually, I feel great. Praise the Lord. The haze has lifted. I awoke a couple days ago and just like that I felt like my normal self again. I'd missed that normal self. The female body can be challenging can't it? I know guys have their quirks and challenges too, but sheesh. Was all that "feeling" really necessary? Glad I'm out of that phase!?? I'm not even sure what to call it. Isn't it crazy how quickly we forget what really feeling great feels like? Odd isn't it? I almost settled for well I guess this is just how I've always felt. NOT. That would have been hormones talking.

And today we lounged around the house (which really looks like errands and cooking and cleaning) until we sent Will off to work this afternoon. Went on a diaper run. I always sorta freak out when I open the diaper drawer and only see three. And then we basically just came home and baked some squash bread, did a little paining, dinner, bath and bed. And it was fabulous. We haven't just been home in a long time with no park dates or grocery shopping or appointments to go to. A slower pace was well…refreshing.

And my heart just melted ^^^

I could kiss those sweet cheeks

How is it that baby toes are the sweetest thing ever?

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