Christmas Eve

10:15 PM

This year was our first in three years of being home. We've grown acquainted to traveling on the holidays, but this year with a new job in tow for hubby (woot woot!! we are SO proud of him) and a freshly ended school semester, we stayed near. In fact, that sweet man of mine worked Christmas Eve, meeting up with us late that night to bring us home. We missed him dearly, but are so thankful for a man who provides. He'd do anything for us. We love him so.

This year we spent both Christmas eve and day at my parent's house. Earlier in the week I may have even gotten my mom to join us for a hymn night at our church. We are lucky to have them just ten minutes away from us. It was a quiet, casual day. Traditionally, my family opens gifts on Christmas Eve, but with hubby busy at work we waited. And, I actually really liked it that way. My brother, sister, and uncle joined us.  We gathered together in the late afternoon, cooked up a big pesto lasagna, a roast and green salad and just enjoyed being together. 

Here's a few photos from our day together.

A dear friend sent us this ornament to remember our sweet puggle by. We cherished it. 

Beautiful cards filled our home.

Snacks at grandma and grandpa's.

Holland is sort of totally obsessed with videos of helicopters on grandpa's phone from trainings.

Showing mamma all grandma and grandpa's ornaments.

Sweet boy.

Sister, sister! It's about time we had a photo together.

He's just too much! ^^

Snow globes with grandma.

Awe and wonder.
and a little drool ;)

Showing grandpa how he claps, and claps, and claps.

And…..goodnight! This pretty much sums up the end of the night. We stayed out WAY passed bedtime and made it maybe two blocks away from grandma and grandpa's house and out went Holland. Sweet boy. Just like that.

But…that meant Santa got to come extra early.

and lay out this adorable box airport set.

Holland's got a thing for helicopters...

and airplanes.

and these lovely stockings knit for us by Auntie Melissa were laid out too.
I must say, having this little man of ours around sure makes holidays a blast! And to think there will be two of them next year!  ♥ ♥ ♥ 


Stay tuned for our Christmas morning.

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