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as i post these last two pictures for the year and 52 project it is surreal. joining in part way through the year, i couldn't be happier. i cannot wait to start two-thousand-and-fifteen's 52 project. i encourage you to link in as well. you may find all the detail here. i know we will treasure these photos for years to come. it is my  personal goal to grow in photography this next year. it is my hope that continuing this project will help me to get to where i want to be photography wise. this past year i found myself eager to post week after week. i am excited already to start from week one with the fresh, new year upon us.

2014, has brought us so much challenge, joy, laughter, thankfulness, and has brought us closer together than ever before learning what it means to truly work as a team as my husband and i have learned to wrangle two little boys, one car, his full-time job and full-time school schedule. we've spent many nights up late with coffee, study groups and late night flash cards or nights in which we've made it into bed well after midnight as we recount our day to one another as my husband returned home from a late night shifts at the hospital, many nights holding the hand of our two year old as we pray for jesus to take away the bad dreams, or nights nursing our sweet clark back to sleep. we thank the lord for our health, for our strength, for the new roof he put over our head this year, for the baby he grew in my belly, and for job change for my husband, for his hand which has provided just enough each and every month, for our two beautiful boys and clark's (long) but sweet arrival, for healing. we say goodbye to 2014 with smiles on our faces. 2015, we cannot wait for what you are bringing our way.


"a portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014"

holland: my love for you is unfailing. fish on little one, fish on.

clark: merriest of christmas to you sweet pea. here is to many more.

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