milestones | 11 months and counting

10:52 PM

being that clark will be ONE in just a couple short weeks i figured i better post again. i very well may cry on his first birthday. i cannot believe a year has almost flown by, nor that my baby is much more a toddler than baby these days. clark, slow down.

  • has nearly seven teeth
  • sustains himself on blueberries, watermelon, avocados, sausage, chicken, and cheese
  • has completely said so long to purees
  • loves to play ball/bat the ball around like a cat
  • tries and often succeeds using a fork
  • tasted his first chocolate cake on brother's birthday a few days ago
  • loves balloons
  • RUNS with the silliest of grins on his face, cracking up hysterically. everything is a game of chase, especially diaper changes.
  • remains the hardest kid i have ever had to diaper
  • falls down about 100 times a day
  • loves water
  • still hates getting dressed/undressed
  • still wakes 2-3 times per night
  • waves
  • clicks his tongue at me when he wants to eat or nurse
  • signs "all done" and "more"
  • says hi, mama and dada, makes the "pa" sound for grandpa
  • officially outgrew his infant car seat at nearly 24 pounds, and has been upgraded into a convertible one
  • is still the snuggliest bug
  • was left during waking hours (with grandma) for the first time whilst we snuck out on our first day date since he was born. hurrah!
  • wants to do everything holland does...and so it begins
  • let's you know how he feels if a toy is taken away from him (he puts up a good fight)
  • is after ALL the cords ALWAYS
  • shares a room with holland
  • is becoming a great napper with two naps per day (9am and 1pm or 10am and 2pm)
and that about sums it up.

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