Bake Station

2:00 PM

Hey all,

Today I was doing some baking, which was long over due might I add, and as I mixed and stirred, I realized, I love my new home. No, this isn't the first realization I have had of this, it happens all the time, this time however, I took a minute to actually tell the Lord of my thankfulness, to pray. The Lord has been so faithful in providing for us. I hope we never forget this. Everything about our house is really quite perfect for us…the size, amenities, every little nook and cranny.

As I baked, I realized just how fortunate we are. Not only do we have a home, but I have, no joke, the perfect little bake station in our kitchen. I mean really, do we need this? Probably not, definitely not, but it is there, and I LOVE it. Its like my own little nook in the kitchen separated by cabinets that holds all my baking goodies, and provides plenty of counter space. I think this area may very well be becoming one of the places I like most in our home. Though I feel a bit silly relating this simple little space to the glory of God, the Lord uses all sorts of things big and small to bring us to him, to draw us closer, and though it was this funny little space that opened my eyes, it reminded me how great our God is.

It is my prayer that all that the Lord has done for us, my family and I, would remain in the forefront of our minds. That we would continue to be astonished by the Lord's ways. Even in silly little ways such as this.

"I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works;
my soul knows it very well."
-Psalm 139:14

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