Nursery revealed

1:41 PM

Welcome. Our little man may not be here yet, but his room is ready and waiting. For the nursery, we kept to budget decorating, and I think it was actually a lot more fun that way. A little bit eclectic, but filled with a whole lot of love. This room was a guest room before, so we actually kept the same curtains as well as the little desk, which became Holland's changing table. I'd be surprised if we spent much more than $200 total. What we did purchase, the EXPEDIT Shelving unit from Ikea, frames on sale for 50% off at Michaels, toy storage boxes (again at Michaels), the Wee Gallery Mobile from Amazon
 Amazon, change table pad and cover, one print from Berkley Illustration. We went with the giraffe with the tie. Cute and gentleman like, plus I kind of have a thing for giraffes. ;) We did splurge a little on the adorable toy solider rattle made by Maileg. I am hoping our son loves it. If not, oh well. It's still ridiculously cute in my opinion. Oh, and one hanging lamp from Cost Plus using their swag kit. The rest was thrifted very cheaply, or given to us, like Cost Plus rug  you see in the room. It retails for just under $400. Blessed, I know. We even ended up with a glider to rock the little guy in, which my husband has been itching to put to use.
I love that our little man's nursery and baby gear is from all those who already love him. It makes it that much more special. And, I'd much prefer that than a super matchy, expensive nursery. I like the character the room has already. And I'm sure a whole lot more will be added to it as our guy grows in it. 

Isn't this little guy cute?
And…every one should have a Sophie.
And a few blocks.

Nursery art.

Rainbow books.

Easy toy storage. Under the crib.

And now, we wait, to put this space to use. 

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  1. It's so cute Mal! You guys did a great job. Baby Holland will love it, I'm sure :)



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