Life as of late {not according to my cell phone photos}

9:13 PM

 -Waiting, waiting, waiting for our Holland. 39 weeks and counting believe it or not.

-Cleaning. I feel like the day I don't sweep or vacuum will of course be the day our son comes. It's driving me crazy. Do you mommas out there remember feeling that way? Really I should just let it go.

-Gardening. It's become an activity hubs and I really enjoy doing together. Sort of like our little hobby. Which is fantastic because we really haven't had one that we BOTH enjoy. We are hoping photography can become hobby #2 together.

-Soaking in the last few weeks pre-child. Movie date nights, long baths. Quiet time. City days.

 -Learning to use our new camera. This guy ----> has been our main focus. Do you think he knows there is a baby in there? I do.

-Snuggles and foot rubs. I love my husband. My puffy feet thank him too.

-Crafts! Perhaps it's nesting but this week has resulted in a new wreath for our front door, yarn scrap font decor, and a couple cute d.i.y. onesies. I'll work on getting those posts up.

-Long walks and too much pineapple. Apparently pineapple is suppose to make help you go into labor. Anyhow, it's a lie. I ate a whole one and got nothing but a sore mouth. And a really full belly. Wives tales are wives tales for a reason folks. ;)

Anyhow, that's how our time has been filled in a nutshell. I am trying to savor these last days of pregnancy. As eager as I am to meet our boy, I know I will probably miss his kicks from the inside and this ever growing belly of mine.

Oh, and Happy 4th of July. Eat, drink, fellowship and enjoy my friends. We will.

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  1. Too cute, Mal. But you are right about having energy and *wanting* *needing* to do something close to going into labor. Like I told you before, just before my kids were born I was painting, cleaning, mowing lawns, you name it. Soon, girl. Soon, now.



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