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Well…we are still waiting for our Holland around here. This boy is taking his time. Ok, maybe we are a little impatient. Technically he still has another day or so until his due date. ;) We are just eager first time parents. Anyhow, to keep ourselves myself busy around here I've been doing a bit of crafting. Perhaps nesting would describe it better.

Anyhow, here is a super easy craft for you. You need three things. Pipecleaners. Yarn scraps. Scissors. That's it. I actually used a combination of yarn and embroidery thread to make ours. It worked just as well. I didn't take photos of the process, but I think you will find it is pretty easy to figure out. If not, a better tutorial can be found here.

1. Form your letters for whatever word you will be spelling with your pipecleaners.
2. Twist them together forming your word. Cursive is a good font to go with. ;)
3. Gather your yarn scraps and start wrapping your pipecleaner. When your scrap piece is used up, simply tie it off and begin again until all of your pipecleaner is fully covered.
4. Adjust letters if need be. Once wrapped they hold shape even better.
5. Display.

Easy, cheap new home decor. How cute would these be tied to ribbon on the outside of a gift? If you've got school-aged children this would be a great activity for them as well, and a good way to practice letters with them.

Have fun with this one! We love our new quirky home decor.

Get creative.

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  1. You're too cute :) See how many you can make before he gets here!



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