Life as of late (ish)

9:16 PM

(ish) as in the last month or two. ;)

It's a beautiful life. And these photos remind me just how blessed we are. In the midst of it all, I so often loose track. I want, I ponder things that don't matter. And lately, it has been out of control. The latest and greatest whatnot…this or that outfit…a nursery that looks like just so (yes, I can be outright vain), but what really matters is my family and how I serve them. I want a home filled with joy and laughter, with friends and fellowship, with the warmth that only those things can bring. Not a home filled with stuff that might look nice, but does nothing. 

And above all, I want a heart that earnestly and diligently seeks the Lord. It's time to get my eyes set on what matters. And the rest of it…well it's just stuff.

I'm after more.

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