how instagram ate my blog

9:04 PM

once upon a time i use to blog. no really, i did. and then instagram came along and my computer keyboard quit on me (leaving me to use my husband's old laptop occasionally). i am pretty sure i can thank my darling son and an extra big splash while he "did the dishes" for that. but he's cute and things like this happen, so it's ok. bloggers who blog via cell phone, i applaud you. it is not my thing, hence instagram. so if you're feeling like this space has become a little deserted, it has. and you are more than welcome to follow me over at my instagram account, malloriecooper. or just click the little button on my sidebar in this space.

not to say that i won't be on this space, because i assure you i will, but if you feel like you want a little more, you can find me there. i am really good at posting way too many pictures of my adorable son and what's for dinner. or the donut we ate for breakfast, because after hating donuts for his entire first year and a half, holland has decided they are pretty much the best thing ever now, and life is just a little too short not to enjoy that sort of thing (plus we've been blessed with an incredibly good eater who thinks broccoli is an excellent snack, so if a dough-dough will absolutely make his day, so be it).

but anyhow, instagram. malloriecooper.

see you there.

and wish me luck that apple doesn't charge me a thousand dollars to replace the keyboard i know is going to need replacing.

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