cooper number two

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pardon the selfie
so, i figured i should take a little time to write about this little man we've been referring to as cooper number two growing inside of me, before he is actually here. second pregnancies really do go by a whole lot faster and are a whole lot different, at least from my experience. perhaps it's just the chasing a toddler all day part, but here we are, 30 weeks plus.

i am ready, but so not ready. we are waiting on a crib for the little man (which is taking forever to ship), and then will get started on a shared space for our boys. i am also eager to get to town on our yard and make it a toddler haven for those many days at home ahead of us. we are hoping to have a little extra time with hubby later this month which might allow for this.

we are so glad to have our move behind us. our house is starting to feel like a home just in time.

as for this baby of ours, he is a mellow guy (or so we think) except at night. his hour is still eleven to midnight or one. he moves and he grooves but i don't really mind. and with a husband who works funky hours, we're usually up anyhow though our holland has been sleeping for hours. this babe of ours has recently been hanging out literally in my side. he must be sideways or have really long legs and arms because sometimes it feels like he is about to wrap around to my back, if that is even possible.

my belly button has been popped out for ages. i think it happened somewhere in my first trimester! i know, crazy right? and i showed overnight. at least i got to skip that awkward i feel bloated/look like a ate too much stage. seriously, the worst.

generally, i feel pretty good at this point with the exception of some normal tiredness and aches and pains. this kid sits low! but then again, apparently that's a second baby thing. also heartburn! new to me this time around and from water of all things, late at night, of course when i want it most.

as for cravings; vinegar, frozen grapes...really just loads of fruit in general and the occasional minty ice cream. nothing super crazy.

as for headaches, which i am sure i've mentioned somewhere along they way, they are gone! praise the lord. if i haven't mentioned this on this space, i suffered the worst pregnancy migraines (maybe known to man) through most of my first and second trimester. and then just like that, they went away. i've come to the conclusion, it has to be a hormone thing! i also had these with holland, the entire pregnancy, but was able to manage them fairly well. not so this time. they were full blown migraines five to six days out of the week. talk about a whole new kind of challenge!

but isn't it amazing how quickly we forget these challenges in pregnancy and birth? or at least i do. just the other day i found myself thinking, oh those weren't that bad and then i thought, wait, are you crazy!? yes they were! pain the to point of throwing up, come on now. but it totally wouldn't stop me from welcoming in another little cooper. it's all a little absurd though.

two more weeks and we get another sneak peak at our little guy. the doctors have a few things to check out on this fellow to make sure all is well. nothing to worry about at this point, but we'd totally appreciate your prayers. we are finding ourselves growing eager, not only for this appointment, but to meet this character of ours and get a plan of action in place for after birth if need be.

on another note, braxton hicks started today which make me that much more eager for the real deal. i sort of love them.

as for names, we can't seem to pin one down for the little guy yet, though we have two in mind. my husband would like to go with the let's decide when we see him approach, so there we have it. hopefully this pans out well for us! i am such a planner, i have to admit this is a little hard for me but i'm going with it. it does bring a certain amount of excitement. 

when did you choose your baby's name? 
from the instant we found out we were having a boy, we knew with our first. like i said, second babies...whole different ball game!

and there's a little cooper number two update for you. :)

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