36 week maternity shoot

9:46 PM

today officially marks 36 weeks. we've been going back and fourth for quite some time with whether or not to do maternity photos. today we made up our minds, and figured we better take a couple shots before its too late. so come nap time for our two year old, my husband put on his photographer cap and snapped these. i am sure we will be glad to have them later. i am thankful even now that we did them. maybe we will be able to get a few with big brother-to-be, given our little clark stays cozy a bit longer. pregnancy brings a certain kind of beauty i cannot resist. an average belly transforms to something beautiful. and the photos of my husband's hand resting upon the precious babe that lies within, it totally melts me. here we are, 36 weeks and counting with our second son.

we will see you soon little cooper.

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