pregnancy blues and slow sunday mornings.

10:15 PM

i'm still here and the days are drawing near to meeting our clark (yes, we've finally picked out a name). but to be honest, we are still dealing with technology problems around here (or rather not dealing) and the end of this pregnancy has been tough. but we are doing the best we can. our home is ready. we are ready. and we are trying our hardest to soak in moments of summer that will be gone before we know it. and soak in the moments with just our sweet holland before he becomes a big brother. we've spent far too few days at the beach or playing in the water, but we will get there, i hope. we took our sunday off so to speak, and filled it with a quiet morning, extra time in bed and a french toast breakfast. i was able to snap these sweet shots.  and it is moments like these (especially as i look back now) where i once again realize how blessed i am looking at my sweet husband and beautiful little boy staring back at me, making small talk all through the morning. though sundays are generally filled with our church family, i think today, this was just what our bodies needed. i'm praying/hoping/wishing for some energy this week so i can get us to the store to stock our very empty fridge, spend a little time catching up with friends, and take our son on a special date or two. maybe we'll even make it to the beach. we have a small jar of sea glass we started at the beginning of summer, with the goal being it be full by the end that is far too empty.

mammas with any tips to kick the end of pregnancy blues, i will gladly take them. i've spent the last three days plagued with nausea, headaches and utter exhaustion. 

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