why you should take holland to the christmas tree farm.

10:33 PM

 the christmas tree farm is pretty much the best place on earth right now. holland has been begging to go since a few days before thanksgiving. after much pleading, we agreed to go to the tree lot, literally half a block from our house, the night before thanksgiving. to appease our little christmas tree hound we let him pick out a tiny one for his room to decorate as he pleases. we really do try to give thanksgiving it's glory around here, so this was pretty big. though with thanksgiving over, we could wait no longer, and headed to the tree farm to get the real deal, which in fact, is our first "real" christmas tree as a family too. we've never really had space for a big one until this year, so you bet we got a big(ish) one. holland is so stinking excited about everything this year. i love it. last year was fun, but this year, i cannot wait for. we've walked the christmas aisles of target for weeks now, listening to whatever christmas cd they are sampling, sorting through ornaments and stocking stuffers, picking out a few decorations here and there, shaking every single snow globe (and maybe, finally bringing one home with us). we've begun searching for christmas lights on after dark drives. it's been so much fun and it is only decemeber 2nd.

anyhow, i figured i'd configure a list on why you should take holland to the christmas tree farm, because the lord knows we'll be back a few times at this rate. we may have the trees covered, but who can say no to wreaths, mistletoe and the hot cider they serve up?

1. he'll run, and run, and run some more. seriously, blurry holland snapshots were most definitely the theme during our trip to get a tree. give this boy country air and he's gone. as a bonus, he knocked out as soon as we got home. no story time necessary. which though i love, meant i did not have to read harry, the dirty dog for the 100th time in a row. ;)

2. he'll be your helper.

3. in between all the running, you'll get a sneak attack snuggle and maybe even a kiss (which are hard to come by most days).
4. candy canes. you bet he will find them, and he'll hand them out. so you'll get one too.
5. ear to ear grins that are contagious. how can you not smile at that face?
6. he talks to the baby trees.
7. and dances with the fake snowmen.

8. he's just plain cute.

9. and finally, because if you don't you'll never, ever hear the end of it. and if you do, it'll leave you wanting for more. 


merry christmas from our family to yours! if you haven't got your tree, you probably should. ;)

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