Then and now.

5:06 PM

23 months and some odd days ago, our life looked like this. The man of my dreams got down on one knee under the Golden Gate and asked me to be his wife.

(Believe it or not the pose was totally candid)

Here we are today. Still remembering every moment as if it were yesterday and eagerly awaiting our boy! It's hard to believe that 1. this man asked for my hand in marriage almost 2 years ago (already!) and 2. that we are about to welcome in our first child.

We've revisited this spot several times now, taking a snapshot along the way. We also have a photo pre-wedding. One day we hope to have a lovely (and sort of cheesy) collage of our lives together throughout the years we are blessed with and whatever they may bring. This is our love story. Or at least the beginning of it.

It's been a crazy, wonderful, beautiful two years. Not to say we haven't had our own trials, but here we stand, on top of them and leaning on the Lord every step of the way to bring us through this journey together we call life.

Next up, parenthood. Wish us luck friends.

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