Happy 1 month Holland Cooper!

8:20 PM

Happy 1 month little man!! This first month has been filled with so much joy with you. Boy did it fly by. We know only more is to follow. You steal our hearts Holland Cooper. In this first month we have…

-introduced you to many, many friends and lots of family
-taken you to church with us
-road tripped it to Oregon and back
-gone to the lake
-taken tons and tons of photos, what a good sport you are
-enjoyed a day at your great great aunt's pool
-you met your great great grandparents amongst many other cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents!
-gobbled down lots of all you can eat sushi...ok, maybe I did the gobbling part, but you sat quietly at the table :)
-done our fair share of shopping and other girly things. You were perfectly content both swim suit shopping with me and as my pedicure buddy. I know that won't last. ;)
-and have gone on lots of walks
-snuggled, snuggled, and snuggled some more
-gone through a bajillion diapers
-busted out of your newborn clothes
-discovered your love for sleeping in your car seat, PTL!


we have fallen head over heels for you!

and lots, lots more but as you have not taken a real nap all day, I better make this quick. You are a crabby little munchkin tonight. Where has my baby who takes two 4 hour naps throughout the day gone?

Crabby or not, we love you. Happy 1 month little guy.

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