This weeks lived and learned.

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(though hubs and i grew up on two totally different coasts, the beach is a place we both love and hope to share that love with our boy)

this weeks lived and learned:

baby boy smiles now! he showed us his first sweet smile at the end of last week.

babies create a LOT of laundry, or at least ours does. he spits up more and more now. any helpful hints parents? and while we are on the topic, did any of you use gripe water to settle your littles ones tummy? we went to pick some up, but i was amazed when it came with a $20 price tag! for baking soda and herbs? really?? i just couldn't do it, not unless i hear some amazing raves! so bring them on people! ;)

no new recipes this week. we kept it simple. will's been thrilled. he has got chicken for days!

scratch that, i lied, we did try these, maple belgian waffles this week. they were pretty stinkin good, but did come out fairly dense, perhaps that's because i substituted the all-purpose for bread flour, because i had it on hand. :/ any how, i'd say they are a go. but i know now, i definitely prefer a lighter, fluffier waffle.

i cooked spam for my first time, bacon spam at that. my husband loved it and has asked that i keep a drawer (yes, the ones your veggies should be in) of spam fried rice with a spoon in it at all times. i like to please my hubs, but had to say no to this one. he isn't any good to us if he's suffering a heart attack ;) but i will be making it again.

winter gardens...we are contemplating one.  our summer garden did great, and i hear winter gardens are way less upkeep. i'm all about that! what's your thoughts? ...only we have to get our soil tested for lead first before we indulge on any leafy greens..oh the joys of an old house. is it reasonable to ask our landlord to do this?

baby boy experienced the ocean for the first time this week!! we were blessed with a lovely day at the coast. it was 70 with almost no wind! that's a rarity for our coast!

this is on my wishlist. big time. only i haven't found out who makes it yet, or where to buy it. suggestions ladies?

and last but not least, i am so looking forward to making this glorious soup once fall is upon us. with bacon on the side so i can indulge too!

happy friday friends!

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