Welcome to Oregon.

2:44 PM

Hey guys!!

Thanks for bearing with us as we soak up all this time with our boy! He's a big 3 week old today!It's hard to believe. In two weeks alone he gained a pound and a half!! Yup, we have a 10 pounder already. Newborn clothes are long gone. We are Oregon bound for the weekend and so excited about it. Most of my extended family lives there and we are ready to show off our boy.

Plus, we figure it's a good time to travel. He sleeps most of the day and happens to LOVE his carseat. We got lucky there.

Anyhow, after our trip I hope to get back to regular postings. I had a few minutes to bake the other day and have a tasty, and super simple gluten free cookie recipe to share with you as well as a roasted pepper summer dish. And of course, loads of Holland photos to upload if you are up for seeing them. His personality is starting to shine through. It's been great getting to know our boy these passed weeks and him us. I love watching him study our faces and we his. Precious moments I tell you. 

We are getting back in the groove around here. And I must say, being home is really, really nice. A totally different pace from work atmosphere even though my occupation was still childcare. ;)

However, I do miss those little munchkins. I'll be back at it in September though, this time with one added to the bunch, Mr. Holland.

See you after our trip!

P.S. A shoutout to Crynfiction for her lovely guest post on parenting. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should.

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