A 6 month birthday boy.

8:50 PM

As of today, I've been staring into those sweet little eyes for 6 months. It feels unreal. My love for you grows deeper by the day. Just when i think i could love you no more, you light up my life with your sweet, sweet smile, your two little teeth peeking through, and in that moment i feel like my heart might explode…every single time. You are my sunshine little man. 

You squawk and sing, bounce in your jumper like no other, attempt with all your might to pick up grains of rice and steal the feeding spoon from me, sit like a champ, and roll like nobodies business. Why crawl when you can roll, right?

I feel like I am trying to capture every single moment of this precious first year with you, to hold onto it. I know it will be gone in a flash.

You fill my life with so much joy. 

Thank you Holland Cooper. And happy 6 months bug-a-boo.

Love, Momma

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