Post holiday

7:32 PM

Hi guys!

We are home. Christmas is finally down and sealed away for yet another year. I was so excited to put out all the decor this year. In fact, I proclaimed to myself, "maybe I'll just leave it up…all year season"Ha…not! Funny how a couple weeks pass and then you I can't wait to take it all down again, no matter how splendid it may have been.

For the holidays this year, we got to spend a fabulous eight days in Oregon, surrounded by family. It was heavenly. A full eight days with hubby too. Woot woot! A rare occasion. Between school, work, and my couple work days, we aren't use to that kind of time together. I could get use to it though. :)Any who, we are back home now and settling back into "real life"...well sort of, the new semester hasn't started quite yet, so we are still enjoying some extra time together. And I LOVE it.

Also, funny thing. We came home with a mini van. Yep, we are mini van drivers already. And it's gold. Though I do feel a little dorky, and a whole lot like a mom, I totally love it. And I am a mom, so I should feel that way, right? Talk about convenience central! I can see why moms (and dads) drive them. Loading baby is easy as can be. Groceries? No problem! Stoller? Got it! So long Saturn!

And hey, if any other little babes decide to come along soon, we've got it covered. Don't worry, that wasn't an announcement. 

So, how do you feel post holiday? Ready to say good-bye or wishing the season would stick around a little longer?

Though I do love this time of the year, I think I'm ready to say goodbye. Plus, we've got an anniversary and a birthday to celebrate this month! Perhaps that's part of it. ;) 2013 is off to a great start!

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