Meals! Week 11

7:31 PM

Eventually I'll get these posts up before the middle of the week. On second thought, who am I kidding? Probably not. But you can always use this for next week.

Meals! Week 11 (be honest, is anyone sick of these yet?)

Monday: Chinese take-out (yeah baby! a birthday treat despite the house filled with sickness)
Tuesday: Soy ginger salmon
Wednesday: Pesto, potatoes, and eggs
Thursday: Coconut curry with tofu
Friday: Fried rice
Saturday: Birthday celebration for sister!
Sunday: Thai basil shrimp (this is a new one for us, does it look amazing, or does it look amazing?) ;)

And well…that's that. Another week of meals in the Cooper household. It won't be long until Holland will get to join in on the goodness. Tonight he got to sample the tofu. It was a hit, but pretty much if he can feed it to himself, it is always a hit. I sometimes forget he isn't a completely dependent little blob anymore. He's got an agenda these days and an opinion, which he is learning to voice.

Scooting, rolling, playing, jumping, rolling, eating…it all goes by way too fast.

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