Mia blogger and meals! week 10

11:53 AM

 Mom bloggers who manage to post regularly week after week, i applaud you. You are more disciplined than I.

Where have i been this last week? Oh you know, just home, doing mom stuff. But somehow i have not managed to post, once. Time escapes me these days. And today, I am home. Recovering from what I think must be the norovirus. Can you say nasty? (I typed most of this post up yesterday before this plague hit me like a ton of bricks).

We've still been sticking to our meal plans (honestly, I don't know what I'd do without them). I just haven't managed to get them posted, so we will just leave those ones behind.

And seriously, if you are thinking about starting your own weekly meal plans, I cannot encourage you enough. It makes dinner so much easier, at least for us. And it is the perfect reason to paint one of those nifty chalkboard walls you know you've been wanting. ;) The question "what's for dinner?" is just never there.

Here is what we've eaten and will eat the rest of the week:

Monday: BRINNER! Baked baguette french toast (it was divine. Powdered sugar, preserves, maple syrup!!)
Tuesday: Anniversary Back to SF we went! The second time in a week. I LOVE it.
Wednesday: Pasta, pesto and mushrooms (I forgot to buy basil and ours all died in the cold, so I actually substituted it for spinach leaves. It worked just fine. Different flavor obviously, but still good, and a good way to use up what we already had.)
Thursday: Fried egg sandos (have you got the hint that we like these? And..they are quick and easy come mid-week)  Nada, sick as a dog
Friday: Left-overs
Saturday: Udon with steamed salmon
Sunday: PICNIC STYLE! Bread, dipping oil, fruit, and sausages

PICNIC STYLE dinners are probably my favorite. Good, fresh bread and quality items are all you need.  The only prep needed is a little slicing and dicing, and a quick cook of your sausages. Sometimes we add in extras like olive tapanade or bri or goats cheeses (pre Holland no dairy era) , balsamic, hummus, a poached egg…seasonal fruit. I could eat like this every day, every meal.

For breakfasts this week I made a big batch of granola and these breakfast carrot cakes a la mode. Carrot cakes with banana icd cream for breakfast?! Uhh, yes please!

Lastly, we made up a big batch of teriyaki chicken and rice for Will's work lunches. Nothing special, just our favorite Trader Joe's marinade and some chicken thighs roasted in the oven.

Anything share worthy you ate this week?

I am all cooked out.

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