RV trip continued: North Rim Grand Canyon

7:13 PM

Carrying on with our summer RV trip here are some photos from our time at the north rim of the Grand Canyon and a little fishing spot we camped at nearby. It was peaceful and calm. No touristy attractions or buzz from crowds of people. The weather was comfortable with a cool breeze. Just us and vastness, vastness beyond my grasp. It was just right. And in my opinion, favored over the main attraction found on the other side, though let's be real, both were pretty stinking amazing.

I am thankful for good friends willing to take trips like these with us. Also, I promise, I am almost done with these posts. Hang in there with me. Two more and it's a wrap.

It's even amazing in black and white. Maybe you miss the red rock, but I just can't get over this.

This little guy even stopped for his picture ;)

My sillies.

Love these ^^

Jason Stewart's honorary oreo throw into the vastness.

I think he was telling me how it should be done here :P

such beauty.

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