Brown Rice Crisp Treats from SPROUTED KITCHEN

7:36 PM

Picture from Sprouted Kitchen.
Picture from Sprouted Kitchen.
After being sick much of the week we decided to celebrate a little as we are on the mend. And what better way than with chocolate? Side note* summer colds suck, for lack of better word. Being cooped up in nice weather is pretty such torture. But it's ok, we have these brown rice crisp treats to indulge upon now. It went like this, Holland played with mixing utensils and sort of destroyed the kitchen but had fun in doing so, I mixed and so on. Until spoon licking time…I decided today was the day. The day to give him his first of many good ol' spoon licks. I hope you have sweet memories of baking with your mom in the kitchen. Or getting off the school bus only to be hit in the face with the smell of fresh baked cookies awaiting you. I do. I am lucky. And so, like I did with my mom, my boy bakes in the kitchen with me. And today, today, I introduced my boy into the sweet, sweet world of chocolate. And I can guarantee he loved every spoon lick of it. Just like his momma.

Thanks Sprouted Kitchen for such a fabulous post. It was throughly enjoyed.

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