South Rim Grand Canyon.

9:45 PM

Oh, hello!

^^These pesky guys were everywhere! Pesky as in you literally had to shuu them off of you.

Amazing that these beautiful flowers grow inside the Grand Canyon itself. Are they gorgeous or what?

Happy hikers :)

trip partners!! :)

We only hiked about a mile and a half into it (it's amazing how that whole mamma bear thing kicks in once you are well…a mamma) but it was well worth the drive. Pre-mammahood I probably would have been one of those hikers that attempted to hike all the way down and back up again in one day despite the signs everywhere advising you not to do so, but just over a mile down something inside of me told me it's time to go back up. We had plenty of water, all the right gear, but the idea of a falling apart, hot, tired one year old and miles to hike back up a steep path just didn't seem worth it. And so we snapped a few shots, awed a little bit more and climbed back up. And Holland was a TROOPER. Though our friend got hit in the temple by a falling rock and leaving a nasty bump. Yikes!

Back at the rim, we enjoyed a pretty decent and totally reasonably priced lunch at the hotel lounge, (it was nice not to be gouged after coming all that way) more walking, and some relaxing in some nearby grass and shade where Holland proceeded to eat animal poop of some sort before we departed. :/ Memories, right?

Somewhere we do have a family picture of us all at the Grand Canyon but I have to track it down ;)

Grand Canyon, you are pretty stinking awe inspiring.

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