A little heart garland tutorial for a rainy day.

1:33 PM

We got a little bit crafty this week and made ourselves this super quirky, totally overly full heart garland to get ourselves in the Valentine's spirit. And because we've actually had rain...finally. And there's only so much you can do with a toddler stuck in the house until you have to get crafty.

It was the perfect late morning activity. I cut the hearts, Holland was in charge of gathering them all, and when it came time, handing me every single one so I could string them with needle and thread. He did so diligently. He also learned to say the word heart, which has been not only super cute, but really neat to talk with him about. Attempting to explain it is a shape, an organ, and yet something people talk about as a feeling (of sorts). I don't expect him to get it, but it's been fun. And he understands more than I give him credit for.

You will need:
fabric scrap or scraps
needle and thread (big kids/adults only)

Simply cut your hearts to your desired size. We chose to in no way make ours match. Gather your needle and thread and do 1 simple stitch, weaving in, then out of your fabric near the top center of your heart (that little divot at the top, that well makes your heart, a heart and not a diamond ;) )

Tie off at the ends leaving a little extra thread for hanging and admire.

And if you're anything like me, move it ten times to find the perfect home for your new, quirky garland.
We finally settled on a little nook just above my toddler's play kitchen so he can enjoy it.

Happy crafting to you.

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