it's a....

12:44 PM

It's a...

and there you have it! clear as day. gender is not something our boys have been shy about thus far. no questions there. we are totally thrilled. a brother for our holland seems like the perfect fit for our family. how great is it that our lord knows these things even when we don't and full heartily gives them over to us? i was dead convinced holland was a girl. now i can't even fathom such. i pray we steward well. what a gift. two boys. it just blows my mind. and...if any little girl cooper comes along down the line, we know she will be well looked after to say the least.

let's talk about our ultrasound. another amazing thing. our family (those nearby) was by our side, holland was a trooper. seriously, he put on his BEST behavior. such a charmer, that boy. and overall, this little gent seems like a mellow fellow. isn't it amazing how technology allows us to get to know our children on such an intimate level so early on? to get to glimpse in at who they are becoming at such a tender age. i absolutely love it. this gent is snug in there. getting a peek at his face was actually a challenge. seriously, he seemed like a warm sleepy little bear. but with a little shifting, some light pressure, and me on my side, he finally yawned, rubbed his tiny feet together, snugged his arms back up across his chest, gave us a brief glimpse at this face, and rolled back over again, face down, nudging against me with his little head. um, is this real life? we love you already!!


snug or what? ^^

melt my heart.

we can't wait until our next peek at you. you have us smitten already.

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! BROTHER FOR HOLLAND! So exciting. You guys are such awesome parents. Brothers..what a blessing. Can you tell Im excited?? :) xoxoxo

  2. I'm so happy for you guys!! It truly was an amazing experience. Just incredible. I love you!!!! And your family. Holland couldn't have been any cuter today.



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