let's talk about 15 weeks.

8:24 PM

um…bump alert?! and guilty selfies. ^^

 it's been a bit of a long haul but also an exciting week thus far. i feel like my belly is really popping out there these days, and last night i began to feel those precious little thumps and bumps i've been so eagerly waiting for. praise the lord! and also my favorite part of pregnancy (aside from the fact that i'm actually growing a person in there). with my son, i distinctly remember feeling him move by 13 weeks, so needless to say i've been a little totally paranoid up until now that i wasn't feeling anything remotely baby move in there, especially being second pregnancy and all. but i feel it now and that's what matters. i am happy to be out of the woods of first trimester whatnot these days. my energy is pretty good and nausea long gone. aside from about 3 weeks, i had it pretty easy on that front. but headaches, let's talk about those. i have had one for at least two, maybe three weeks…solid. actually that's a lie, i had a single day break a few days back. talk about tolling. if i wasn't growing a human, i would be a bitter, bitter person by now. i am just about at my wits end about this. but...tomorrow is a big day and i am excited, headache free or not. tomorrow, we find out if this little babe is a lady or a gent, assuming he/she cooperates. so, if you have a guess, here's your chance to cast it. and stay tuned for gender news.  :)

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