7:28 PM

Saturday should be filled with lazy mornings, cartoons in bed, pancakes, leisurely strolls, sweet snuggles, afternoon naps, and coffee shops. But ours so often are not. We've allowed general business to creep in and completely take over, becoming slaves to our own day, our days rolling into one another with no distinction about them. So, we've recently stopped and said goodbye to the Saturday rush we've created, embracing the slow Saturday along the way. Our alarms are off, our breakfasts late, and mornings slow. And though we generally don't have the pleasure of spending the entire day together, what we've had, has been utterly refreshing. 

The most tender of moments have happened in these times (like those captured below). The moments where my heart just wants to explode as I look on at my husband and sweet son and can't believe they are mine. Sweet memories, beautiful smiles, and precious sights. And how much greater is that than a mark on your to-do list? We're creating our own reality friends, and it is a beautiful thing. Won't you join us?

It is a happy Saturday indeed.

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