christmas part 1

12:12 AM

for christmas this year we celebrated early with my parents before heading up to southern oregon to spend time with our extended family. it is definitely our favorite place to be for the holiday. grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, family all in one place. we don't have that here. we stay with my grandparents, though christmas eve was spent at my cousin's house for an annual gift exchange, and my grandparents for chirstmas dinner. there was tons of food and family, really just a good old time. seeing our children (well, holland at this point) play with his cousins this year was something else. it was the sweetest sight to see them take him under their wings and teach him how to play bumpity bump down the stairs and such. it was also a welcomed break from chasing him all over the place. our two boys are the youngest of the bunch but seemed to fit in just fine. we made the drive back late friday night, and as always have spent the last couple days playing with ideas of could we move there? it's something we always debate before the day to day of our lives where we are set back in. i'm sure this won't be the last we ask ourselves of this, and who knows, maybe one day it will become our reality. what we are sure of is it that we are thankful to have all this wonderful family just a days drive away.

we hope your christmas was filled with delight as well.

p.s. isn't that little fishing pole just the cutest?

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