9:24 PM

thanksgiving this year was small. will had to work, so it was just the boys and i. holidays away from him are so bittersweet. he works so hard for us, and for that we are thankful, but we miss him even more on these days. the boys and i are lucky to have my parents just a few minutes away, and so for the day, we went there. i baked a chocolate pear cake,  and my mom knocked herself out and made the entire meal, inlcuding a tofurky (which only i eat). the day up until the meal was chaos. cake baking, potty training, i have a three month old who won't nap, and my washing machine just flooded the laundry room chaos, but it all settled down later. we were all tired and fighting colds, so low key was perfect. and there you have it, we set down for our meal, my parents, myself, my brother, and our two boys and gobbled it down in what seemed no longer than a few minutes.

but be it small and intimate or big and loud, it gave us time to sit together as a family, and be thankful for each other whether it was spoken or not. and a reason for left-overs to share with my husband as we recounted our days to each other late into the night.

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